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Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off.

Cat does the Crane Kick

The sobering Ying to his raging Yang, the dynamic duo of Mr Miyagi and Daniel San drop-kicked, crane-kicked and waxed their way through the 80s with their subtle blend of Zen calm and action-packed fight scenes. And before you think you’ve stumbled across an IMDB synopsis by mistake, I’d better tell you that it’s all for a little ad for my current employers.

Note the misty eyes and the aspirational aura that even the thought of working with Red Cell gives these reluctant urban warriors. Hyeee Ya.

View the Karate Kid ad here


Nike Put it where you want it Tour


A new campaign from the Nitro Agency sees the idiots from Dirty Sanchez traveling across Europe pitting their “wits” against some of the best footballers on the Continent. Now, I’m sure those that know me, also know where my allegiances lie, but I don’t want to get into tedious “my team are better than your team” posts so I’ll feature one of our big rivals’ players here. I’m quite well balanced like that.

Suffice to say, the whole idea is about being able to use the new T90 Laser football boot to direct the ball exactly where you want it. It’s the making of ad that particularly amazed me though. It’s astonishing just how accurate these guys can be. Nitro have created a 60 second TV spot, and four other episodes that can be viewed at  But have a look at this though. He might look like Shrek, but blinkin’ flip he can hit a football.

Coca Cola Happiness Factory – The Movie.


Again Weiden and Kennedy have outdone themselves. As Sir Jimmy Saville would say. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Oh and I don’t work for Coke by the way. I just love the new ads and can design.

Platelets and other small crockery


As a copywriter, I tend to get a great deal of requests to come up with names for things. Recently, I’ve been doing favours for friends who want blog names and the like.

So far so what?

Well, in this age of interweb proliferation – and the continuing problem of cow proliferation too – it’s getting increasingly more and more difficult to come up with names that haven’t been registered elsewhere. Oh and why do fat families always walk in rows of five? (That includes water-headed cracker spawn in pushchair). Will there be a point where whatever you come up with will already be registered? Will the fat family issue be resolved by next week? Does anybody care?

Anyway, Just thought I’d share. It’s been troubling me for a while.

New Sony Bravia Ad


It’s coming soon and it promises to be bigger and bolder than the iconic Bouncing Balls and Paint executions. Called Play-Doh, this is Fallon’s third spot for the Sony Bravia and involved a cast of 200 clay rabbits cavorting around the streets of New York. Reportedly billed as the most ambitious piece of stop-motion anaimation ever undertaken, the ad employed 40 animators and used 2.5 tonnes of modelling clay. As soon as I find anything, I’ll post it up here. Ooh, I’m such a tease.

Choice FM’s Anti-Gun Crime Ad


Inspired by the pioneer of super slow motion photography, Doc Edgerton, AMV BBDO have created a public awareness ad that’s designed to show the real affects of guns and what they can do. Scary stuff.

Limited Edition Tiffany, Croc, Materials of the World Pack.


I love sneakers. I really do. But I’m becoming a little bit fed up of the sheer number of “packs” that are launching day in, day out. (Is it just me or does Joy Division automatically start up in your head whenever you read that phrase?)

Radio, Live Trans-mi-i-shhun.

Anyway, yeah, it’s not only impossible to keep up with what’s launching, where it’s launching and if you’re ever going to be able to get your hands on a pair, but there’s no way of buying all the sneaks you want and being able to eat food, go to gigs, pay rent etc. Can we have a little less of the “let’s release everything we’ve ever put out but in 10 different colourways” attitude? Nike, adidas, back of the class.