New Coke Redesign

Harking back to simpler times, the new Classic Coke design relies on purely trademarked elements, so gone are the drop shadows – thank goodness – and all the bubbles. A Gothic typeface sets off this stunning design and although it’s pared-down, it seems to work. In fact, I think it will help get Coke back to it’s core brand values and it’ll stand out by simplifying the design. Clever eh?

And when you discover this whole process took three years’ work by their new design consultancy Turner Duckworth, please don’t do that whole British thing of being up in arms. (As happened during the London Olympic logo reveal, “£250,000 for THAT?! I could’ve done better myself” etc etc.) That’d be quite a brief to land on your desk on a Monday morning. “Oh yeah, just one more thing (said Columbo), could you redesign Coca Cola?”



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