Scenting Formances


So it looks like I’m having one of those days. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything and I’m supposed to be coming up with new ideas for a new client of ours. Creativity has deserted me like Samson’s tousled locks and it’s all down to getting a little bit drunk at a wedding last night. (I know, a wedding on a school night.)

Anyway, this has left me rather bereft of ideas and the deadline looms.

I wonder if that’s what happened with the new Hard-Fi album cover art? They’re at best, a below average band – in fact, scratch that, they’re awful – and the exposure they garner for their cover art is just amazing. It’s just not that good. Oh and Art Directors up and down the country will be rolling their eyes at the cover art that proclaims that it isn’t cover art.

Are we back in the 80s?

I also think I’ve broken the record for the amount of times I’ve said cover art in a paragraph. And I’m not going to bother to put a link to what it actually looks like. It’s that bland.

Right, best get thinking.


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