Sneaker Freak


Call them what you want, sneakers, kicks, trainers – or my personal favourite, sneaks – but you can’t deny that they are things of endless variation and wondrous beauty. My personal favourites are the Nike Air Stabs which have been re-released in many new colourways, the adicolor range from 2006 – I’ve managed to get Y1 Hufs, Y2 Taro Okamotos, BL3 Toy2R, R2 Surface to Air and R3 Dark Horses and the adidas PT 76 sneak in blue.

The Stabs might just edge out all others for comfort and versatility and the perfect size is 9.5 US (8.5 UK). I’ve got three pairs but I’ve got my eye on a good few more.

Any donations are gratefully received.


12 responses to “Sneaker Freak

  1. Nice Pic – where did you steal that from 🙂 Y2s are cool – I love the whole velcro covered show angle – that said, if they do get dirty they can be a real pain to clean. Favourite thing about adicolors is the wee protectors you get for the ends of your laces. An elegant piece of functional design.

  2. Hey,

    I really like that photo of the shoes. I would like to make some flyers with that image. Is it okay if I save the image and use it?


  3. nice sneakers

  4. Hey Aaron, yeah sure, use the image!

  5. hi,
    can we use this gorgeous nice little icons for commercial use? is this your own creation?
    we would love to pay for it, please let us know how to proceed.

    thank you very much.

  6. Hi Ryan, sorry I didn’t get back to you, but the sneaker icons are not mine. So I can’t sell them to you. I also can’t remember where I found them!

    Sorry about that!

  7. thats right!

  8. great compilation of pictures. although i’m not young anymore. i’m still loving all sneakers with theirself’s model and colour.
    i believe all people agree with this, especially they’re young spirit.

  9. nice shoees

    i like the pic.
    cam you send me more of those?


  11. Thanks 4 the info bro! I really needed it. May god bless you and give you good health,
    Bye and thanx,

  12. Hi Georgelyons,
    I would love to use pieces of this in a t-shirt graphic, do you per chance have this as vector or a higher res jpg?

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