Limited Edition Tiffany, Croc, Materials of the World Pack.


I love sneakers. I really do. But I’m becoming a little bit fed up of the sheer number of “packs” that are launching day in, day out. (Is it just me or does Joy Division automatically start up in your head whenever you read that phrase?)

Radio, Live Trans-mi-i-shhun.

Anyway, yeah, it’s not only impossible to keep up with what’s launching, where it’s launching and if you’re ever going to be able to get your hands on a pair, but there’s no way of buying all the sneaks you want and being able to eat food, go to gigs, pay rent etc. Can we have a little less of the “let’s release everything we’ve ever put out but in 10 different colourways” attitude? Nike, adidas, back of the class.


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