Choice FM’s Anti-Gun Crime Ad


Inspired by the pioneer of super slow motion photography, Doc Edgerton, AMV BBDO have created a public awareness ad that’s designed to show the real affects of guns and what they can do. Scary stuff.


4 responses to “Choice FM’s Anti-Gun Crime Ad

  1. SPC Duncan Brennan

    While this video is a fantastic and artfully presented demonstration of the physics and effect of hydrostatic shock, it only touches on the physical effects of projectile impact on small objects. I would stress the point that it is a relatively small caliber round (9mm from the looks) on small objects, egg, apple, water bottle, bottle of ketchup. The only item there that comes close to approximating the mass or volume of a human target is the watermelon. Really, that’s not the issue. No one is going to argue that bullets (of any caliber) do a tremendous amount of damage on impact, particularly on a soft target like a human or other living creature.

    My main issue is what happened before the bullet left the barrel. I’ve been working with weapons of all types for four years now, even carried one continuously for nearly 12 months while I was deployed. I’ve never seen a weapon go off without someone operating the device. The real problem with people that own firearms is that they do not take responsibility for the power that a weapon possesses and can project. Personally, I think that’s the general problem with society is that people aren’t forced to take responsibility for their actions or inactions any more. But that’s not really the point here. Weapons used in violent crime is a problem. A bigger problem is how to solve that. No one can come to a consensus. In terms of avoiding negligent discharges (I refuse to call them “accidents”) at home is to train people and show them videos like this one so that they understand just what a weapon is capable of doing. Anyone who chooses to own a weapon should be subject to continuing training on safety, responsibility and legal ramifications.

  2. It is interesting. You seem to take the tack of all anti-gun types. You seem to think that ALL persons who enjoy firearms are somehow mentally deficient, and must be cured. This is an absurdity, at best. Your cure for crime is to forcibly prevent as many honest, law abiding persons as possible from obtaining or using firearms. Yet, the problem is NOT the honest, law abiding person….It is the criminal who has already chosen to violate NUMEROUS local, county, state, and federal firearms laws. THAT is the problem. As to the availability of firearms, I can give you anecdotal evidence that shows just one of the myriad of ways firearms are getting into the country. While I was stationed in San Diego, CA, my neighbor, a US Border Patrol Agent, told me of 3 shipments of FULLY AUTOMATIC AK-47’s, RPG-7’s, and ammo for both rifles and rocket launchers, which had been interdicted coming across the border. He told me that they surmised that for every shipment they interdicted there were AT LEAST 10 shipments which got through.

    As to safety training and such, I can assure you that myself and most, if not all, persons who use, have used, or own firearms, KNOW what they cand do to a person. I can also assure you that the CRIMINAL who breaks into my home, with the intent to do bodily harm to myself, my family, etc. WILL be on the receiving end of that same firearm.

    Oh, by the way, I am a former Law Enforcement Officer, former member of a Navy Shipboard Counter-Terrorism Team, Former State Corrections Officer, former EMT/Volunteer Firefighter, and retired military. Suffice it to say, I probably know far more about the terminal effects of firearms than most people will ever know.

    To close, an interesting little fact…..Britain has virtually outlawed firearms. Yet their incidence of firearms related crimes and violent crime in particular has virtually skyrocketed. Their answer……Outlaw all sharp-pointed knives.

  3. Ah, where to begin? Mark’s obviously got the bit between his teeth and I guess that’s what blogging’s all about. I’m always up for a debate.

    But let’s clarify a few things first.

    You assume that I’m anti-gun based on the fact I posted an advert that shows the devastating effects of a bullet on certain objects. Also, at no point did I suggest that anyone who “enjoys” guns are mentally deficient. You seem to be confirming that argument all by yourself.

    As regards the “problem is not with the law abiding citizen but with the criminal” isn’t that always the case? It’s the fact that if there are more guns around, then the chances are more people will die as a result of said guns.

    So am I anti-gun? To be honest, I don’t actually have an opinion on that. But according to the most recent figures, the UK suffered 59 gun deaths in 2006-2007 and 49 in 2005 – 2006.

    Just to run those figures past you again: a total of 108 people died due to gun-related incidents in two years. According to figures released for 1999, (going back a bit I know) there were just over 80 gun deaths EVERY DAY in the US.

    Also, before you resort to the population argument, the gun death rate in 2001 in the US was 10.26 per 100,000, and in the UK during the same time period, it was 0.66 per 100,000. (I’m using these years because they are the only ones I could find that compared the two countries.)

    But to paraphrase Bill Hicks, “you’d be a liar and a Communist to make the connection of having a gun and shooting someone; and not having a gun and not shooting someone.

    Knife related crime in the UK actually accounts for four times as many deaths per year, so I guess that’s why we have tighter knife legislation now. But of course, again there’s no connection between having a knife and stabbing someone, and not having a knife and not stabbing someone.

    On another point, how do you “enjoy” your firearms? Is it simple target practice down at the range? Hunting? Clay pigeon shooting? Water-filled glass bottles out in the countryside? Or are you just patiently waiting for a criminal to burst into your house so you can shoot them?

    What if they shoot you first?

  4. As you said, “Ah, where do I begin…..”

    There are several reports that the government in the UK is suppressing the actual firearms related figures because they are aghast at the fact that the near total ban has not worked. As to the gun related deaths, perhaps you should also look at where the most gun related violence in the US takes place. It is in the locations with the most restrictive firearms laws. Washington, DC is a prime example. And, like most mavens to the gun control argument, they refuse to take responsibility for their “problem”. Instead they point to those who freely own firearms and paint them as the cause of their problem. Interesting how that occurs. Similar to Canada pointing to the US and claiming that all their firearms related woes are due to the US having looser gun control laws.

    I am sorry that I appeared to suggest that you, personally, suggested that anyone who enjoys guns is mentally deficient. That is, however, how most gun control fanatics here see it. (by the way, your apparent insinuation that I am waiting in the dark, slavering for a burglar to break in so I can shoot him/her is rather repugnant. Having said that, we each have a God given right to protect ourselves and our families. Although those in many other countries feel otherwise. Case in point…..several years ago an American family was vacationing in the UK. They were waiting for a train in the underground, when they were accosted by a gang of toughs armed with screwdrivers. The mother had a very small pocket knife and pulled it to defend herself and her daughter. One of the toughs was cut. The toughs were given a stern talking to, and seen at the local hospital. The American mother was arrested for harming one of her majesty’s subjects. Here, in the States, we would have thrown the book at the toughs and given the mother a medal for standing up for her family. Many would say, “well, that is the job of the police.” Ok, as a former law enforcement officer, I can tell you that in most situations like that, when citizens follow the mantra “don’t fight back”, they are usually brutalized, quite often killed.) You can say that it is a problem in the states only, but home invasions are up over 90% in the UK since the near total ban on firearms was passed. The local constables have reported an increase in incidents where perpetrators are armed with firearms, and the incidents where the constabulary is fired upon has increased as well.

    Now, you quote the data the government is giving out about gun related DEATHS in the UK, ( Gun Laws that Constrain the Law Abiding 16/02/07 “We have, post-Dunblane, what are said to be the toughest gun control laws in the world. They have actually proved strikingly ineffectual.
    Gun crime has doubled since they were introduced. Young hoodlums are able to acquire handguns – either replica weapons that have been converted, or imports from eastern Europe – with ease.”) You point to the raw numbers of gun related violence in the US, but ignore that gun related violence in the US has fallen since 1990, yet firearms in circulation have increased.
    According to the theories of most gun control types, the opposite should be true. Why is that? Perhaps the same reason that the major firearms related incidents in the US recently have taken place where the criminals KNOW they have no chance of being confronted by an armed citizen. Even police officers are not allowed to carry their issued firearms in some schools. (“It sends the wrong message to the students.”) They are supposed to just frighten off a homicidal maniac by the fact they are in uniform. Right, and I have some land to sell that is only 20 miles off shore……and 1 mile down.

    As to how I enjoy my firearms, I hunt, am an avid target shooter, seldom shoot at impromptu targets out in the desert or woods anymore as there are far too many people around than there used to be, so it is rather unsafe to do so. I do have a license to carry concealed, because as a former law enforcement officer I have those who are a little upset that I once arrested them, as well as knowing what is “out there”, so I am unwilling to stand by and watch a woman get attacked while waiting for the nearest law enforcement officer to arrive (in my neck of the woods, that may take up to 30 minutes or longer. I once had to wait for 20 minutes for back-up to arrive). I have also been trained to know that if I am in a bank or other venue and certain situations develop, the perpetrators are going to execute the witnesses (yes, that type of situation has happened often enough that it is now part of basic peace officer training in some states). I will not sit by and hope they run out of ammo before they get to me. What made me a good cop and a good CT team member is what also makes me unwilling to sit by and allow myself to be a victim. While others are running away from the sounds of gunshots, crashing cars, or flames, I am looking to see where it is coming from, and probably running towards it. I realize that you probably don’t understand that, what with your not having been a law enforcement officer, EMT, or fire-fighter.

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