Nike Put it where you want it Tour


A new campaign from the Nitro Agency sees the idiots from Dirty Sanchez traveling across Europe pitting their “wits” against some of the best footballers on the Continent. Now, I’m sure those that know me, also know where my allegiances lie, but I don’t want to get into tedious “my team are better than your team” posts so I’ll feature one of our big rivals’ players here. I’m quite well balanced like that.

Suffice to say, the whole idea is about being able to use the new T90 Laser football boot to direct the ball exactly where you want it. It’s the making of ad that particularly amazed me though. It’s astonishing just how accurate these guys can be. Nitro have created a 60 second TV spot, and four other episodes that can be viewed at  But have a look at this though. He might look like Shrek, but blinkin’ flip he can hit a football.


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