Rabbit. Rabbit. White Rabbit.

 White Rabbit

This post has got nothing to do with my usual themes but it’s formed a fair part of my day today and I just want to share. I’m good like that.

Anyway, apparently, on the first of every month, you should wake and utter the words “Rabbits. Rabbits.”And you shall then be bestowed with good luck for the rest of the month. At least, that’s the simple version.

After a little bit of investigation, it turns out that there are endless variations of the rabbits rabbits lucky superstition. Here are a few more examples. It works better if you read them out to friends and colleagues, especially if they’re trying to concentrate on something. I’ve never said the word rabbit so much in my life. Well, apart from that Chas ‘n’ Dave Tribute Karaoke Night.


One response to “Rabbit. Rabbit. White Rabbit.

  1. I still do this occassionally, but use the phrase “white rabbits” instead. For some reason though it never seems to work. Can’t imagine why. I might start saying “Drumming Gorilla” or “white lolcats” instead.

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