An Affiliate Manager, a PPC Manager and an SEO Manager walk into a bar…

Old TV

I know. Everyone’s heard this one. But it’s the way I tell ’em.

So a few nights ago a few of my friends went out for a drink, and as usual, the talk soon got very technical and started to revolve around the interweb. Now I’ll be honest and admit that my knowledge when it comes to such matters is pretty poor. I have a very vague understanding of how the worlds of Affiliate, PPC and SEO all work but it’s more like my understanding of how a photocopier works (now that really is magic) and nothing that really gets into the whole technicalities of each sector.

So anyway, we got talking about different ad campaigns, their relative merits and how we felt about them – bearing in mind that one of the group hates everything unless it begins with Dinosaur and ends with Jr – and it came round to that interweb buzz word, measurability. I was more or less shouted down when I suggested that I didn’t think that every single part of a campaign had to be totally quantifiable. Even to the extent that some of my friends wouldn’t use TV, Print or Outdoor advertising for any ad campaign because they’d have no real idea of the effectiveness of the campaign.

This troubles me somewhat.

I mentioned that I thought completely integrated campaigns were/is/are/will be the way forward but this was met with a “you’re just trying to justify your job” comment. Or are they trying to justify theirs? Dun. Dun. Daaaaaaaaaah.

I can see how some products don’t necessarily need a huge presence in the “real” world, but is having your campaign 100% online for good not a wee bit dangerous? As Jack Nicholson would say, “Why can’t we all just,…get along?” Well, I just put this post up to elicit debate. Comments please.


One response to “An Affiliate Manager, a PPC Manager and an SEO Manager walk into a bar…

  1. Crikey. Why are you friends with such dull people? Ahem…

    Perhaps there were a few beer particles clouding your memory, but I certainly never said I wouldn’t ever have offline ads in a campaign I was running. On the contrary, I think they still have their place and will continue to do so. However, if I did i’d want to know how effective they were. Not to the point were this impaired user friendliness, but simply have URL’s end with /tv for a tv campaign etc. That way, even discounting people who just search for my product, I could compare the effectiveness of one TV campaign to another due to the trending data. It’s not just about measuring effectivess either, it’s about enhancing it – a TV campaign would be much more effective if the page it promoted reflected it and shared the same goal.

    Were we differ is that hold the interruption model of advertising in far less esteem, as I don’t enjoy being sold female car insurance while I’m desperate to find out whether the frackin’ Cylons really did kill Starbuck, or if Jack can kill an entire terrorist cell in under 2 minutes. So, professionally I don’t like offline becasue it’s harder to track, and personally because it clutters my environment.

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