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The Mother of all taste tests. (Well it passed a few hours anyway.)

 Coke Vs Pepsi

Again apologies to anyone who visits this regularly. I’ve been a bit rubbish lately.

Anyway, during an unbelievably slow day at work yesterday, I decided to subject my colleagues to a taste test. After reading some studies that suggested that the Average Joe could not tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi and that eventually they all came out about a 50-50 split as regards correct and incorrect answers. I decided to try this out.

After purchasing said drinks, I set up an experiment that involved tasting 50 cups of Coke or Pepsi (25 of each) a clipboard, a scoring chart and four “volunteers”. The preference stated was unanimously in Coke’s favour (sorry Mr Pepsi) and the taste test began. After much swishing and sloshing the following results were noted. Stephen and Michael (both smokers by the way) got 29/50 correct. So far so what. Bea got 35/50 but then she did call the Statue of Liberty “The Lady of Opera” the other day so we’re all unsure if she actually knew what was going on any way. But Kirsty absolutely aced it and got 50/50.

So in conclusion, we have somebody working for us that should either be in the perfumery business – as most taste is actually based on smell – or as those “Tasters” that decide when certain products are ready, especially in the wine and spirits sectors. Told you we were quiet.


Bouncing Bunnies and the Sony Bravia Ad

Sony Bravia Ad

Well it’s here. And I’ve been away for a while. But it’s been worth the wait. (For the ad, not my ramblings). Who said claymation was dead? Anyway, here it is. And it’s just lovely.