adidas Consortium Micropacer Hamper

adidas Consortium Micropacer Hamper pack

Ooooooo. Look at them. I must admit when I heard they were coming out I did get a little over excited. Micropacers are legendary anyway but you should see all the stuff you get with them. (Take a deep breath)You get loads of promo items like tape, stickers, keyrings and a balloon (I know) a stainless steel money clip, karabiner, lanyard, miniature micropacers in their own tin, a Raymond Choy designed Qee character with trefoil head and micropacer chest, a Batman style adidas torch that shines out the trefoil logo, a hefty belt buckle, a tennis racket bottle opener and a flash drive with leather casing and 1GB of memory. It’s insane and I had to buy a pair. Not sure if I’m keeping them yet though, so if you fancy a pair of limited edition (500 pairs worldwide) unworn BNIH (Brand New in Hamper) adidas Micropacers in a size nine then add a comment, and tender your offer in GBP please. Don’t know if I can part with them though.

adidas Consortium Micropacer Hamper pack


9 responses to “adidas Consortium Micropacer Hamper

  1. I’ll give you tuppence, a Turkish Delight and a bag of Flumps.

    Tempted to swap them for my Dunlops but I’m not sure you could pull them off (stylistically, not literally).

  2. I’ll give you £230 for them!

  3. Richard,

    “a bag of Flumps”? Is that not abusing their human rights? Surely Pootle and er, whatever they’re called can’t be bought and sold like slaves!

    Tend to agree with you on the Dunlop front though. Having said that George has worn (with some style) the Dunlop Caliper 400s*! Not everybody can pull them off. But George is, er, rather special!

    *Found out that the ‘s’ stands for slot.

  4. OOOOOHHHHHHH. they’re lovely. but as I’m still studck in this strange phase of buying Puma gutties I’m gonna have to give it a miss.
    But I’ll bid twenty three and half pence plus a badge of sideshow bob for them.

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Trainer!!

  6. I’m looking for a pair of reebok reverse jam sneakers – If you know anywhere that has some can you let me know. Thanks

  7. Well not in the UK exactly but nearly. You can get them on or Both deliver to the UK and both have the Reverse Jams in stock.

  8. i hate the trainers but i want every accesory sooo much especialy the balloon and the phone dangly i actualy thugh of paying £300 just for the accesorys (i know) i am gradualy finding more and more items on ebay but i hav’nt seen the ones i want (balloon & phone dangly) but i wont stop looking… well that’s my thought’s on the micropacer hamper

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