New Year. New Music.

Oh look at the pretty lights

Oh look at the pretty lights

Just a very quick post to mention three diverse but equally great bands I saw at the weekend. All in a great little venue that had about 24 people in it. Could be the Sex Pistols moment everyone waits for? You never know.

First up were a new band called Schnappes. (Their spelling not mine). Only their fouth show, the music could be variously described as Wonky Tonk, Twonk or Tonky Wonk but I woulnd’t know what any of that would mean. They were, however, bloody brilliant.

Add Lord Auch to the mix and we have a nice little night beginning to take shape. Describing themselves as “paranoid pop” they were a little bit dark, a little bit scary and a little but fun. All in a really going for it kinda way. Lots of energy and a very tight set. Nice.

Finally, a band called the Brute Chorus headlined. They were great too. But are moustaches really back in? Really?!

Oh and this isn’t the venue. I just like the pretty colours.


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