Something a bit different

Puddle Splashing Ahoy!

Puddle Splashing Ahoy!

Well it  is for me anyway. I’ve been looking to buy a festival/occasional mountain biking/horrific weather/going to visit ruins type sneaker for a while now. I had some old Gore-Tex clumpy boots that I bought in New York but they weren’t really the kind of thing to wear out on the street. Although they are very good for snow-wear.

Anyhoo, I give you the Nike Wildedge GTX ACG. Got these from the lovely fellows at SneakersandStuff in Sweden and I believe they are part of a Japan only release. Not sure if I believe that though. They are however everything I need from a f/omb/hf/gtvrts. Waterproof. Light. Comfortable. But they look great too.

The fit is a little bit strange but once you get your foot into it, it’s does everything the fabulous ACG is famous for.


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