Filling in the AZX blanks

Got em all. Except for the WoodWood (top middle)

Got 'em all. Except for the WoodWood (top middle)

It’s getting a bit ridiculous. But the adidas AZX release is possibly the greatest and most comprehensive collab ever. If only they’d used the Hindi alphabet (58 letters) we’d still be looking forward to many more releases. At last count, I managed to get 10 of them. So I’ve got (A)CUs (D)QMs (F)ootpartrols (G)oodfoots (O)riginals (P)atta (S)neakersnstuff Crooked (T)ongues (U)ndefeated (V)A. Of course, I tried and failed to get the ZX pair but to be honest, you’d have more chance of finding a genuine pair of Pigeons on ebay.

The one very major disappointment however, was the Y for You version. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but boy is it dull. I’m not even going to show it here it’s that bad. But I can describe them in less than 10 words.

White. With black Barcelona skyline. Impossibly dull.

It’s a bit like ripping open that big Christmas present underneath the tree only to find that it’s not in fact an adidas 35 Anniversary Hamper but a wicker basket covered ceramic plant pot. That was a terrible year.


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