Monthly Archives: March 2009

Bands. Bands. Bands.

If you want to appear hip and ‘down with the kids’ (no, not like that Mr Glitter) here are some great bands that I’ve seen recently that you can casually drop into the conversation. Go on. impress your friends with ‘obscure music related knowledge.’ Scoff when they mention Lady GaGa, Glasvegas and Ladyhawke.

THIS is what you should be listening to.

Asobi Seksu. First album way better than third. Second middling to fair. Absolutely amazing live though.

Woodpigeon. Lovely.

The Miserable Rich. Nice.

The Crystal Stilts. Ok they sound like Jesus and the Mary Chain but still. What’s not to love?

Titus Andronicus. New Wave never went away.

Fanfarlo. Utterly, utterly beautiful.

Apricot. Japanese and madder than a bag of cats.

Fight Like Apes. Feisty and fun.

The Joy Formidible. Stompy, intense and great live.

Go out. See them. Bore your friends.


Celebrity Death Sweep 2009



Ok. We all have our guilty pleasures. I know it’s wrong but it wasn’t me who set it up. I only joined in. And without wanting to sound like someone at the Nuremburg trials, I was only following orders (from my friends.)

If you’re not familir with the concept of Celebrity Death Sweep, it’s basically a prediction on what celebrity/famous name/elder statesman will drop dead next. Our rules are three names each and no duplication across the list – which lead to much debate over who got Fidel Castro – and the winner gets pints for them by all the losers. First predicted person to drop dead wins. Simple.

I thought I was on to a winner(s) with Margaret Thatcher, Norman Wisdom and Lesley Phillips but no, somebody else won with Wendy Richards.

Now, the whole point of this post is to highlight the fact that maybe if someone is diagnosed as being terminally ill, maybe they shouldn’t be included in the list. I mean it makes a mockery of the ethos of this fledgling sport. It’s like starting out as an ambulance chaser, but then moving on to pushing people into the road just so you can get the ambulance to arrive. Or something.

I want an inquiry. I want free pints. I want Celebrity Death Sweep 2009 to continue.