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Filling in the AZX blanks

Got em all. Except for the WoodWood (top middle)

Got 'em all. Except for the WoodWood (top middle)

It’s getting a bit ridiculous. But the adidas AZX release is possibly the greatest and most comprehensive collab ever. If only they’d used the Hindi alphabet (58 letters) we’d still be looking forward to many more releases. At last count, I managed to get 10 of them. So I’ve got (A)CUs (D)QMs (F)ootpartrols (G)oodfoots (O)riginals (P)atta (S)neakersnstuff Crooked (T)ongues (U)ndefeated (V)A. Of course, I tried and failed to get the ZX pair but to be honest, you’d have more chance of finding a genuine pair of Pigeons on ebay.

The one very major disappointment however, was the Y for You version. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but boy is it dull. I’m not even going to show it here it’s that bad. But I can describe them in less than 10 words.

White. With black Barcelona skyline. Impossibly dull.

It’s a bit like ripping open that big Christmas present underneath the tree only to find that it’s not in fact an adidas 35 Anniversary Hamper but a wicker basket covered ceramic plant pot. That was a terrible year.


Sneaker Freaker: Battle of the Bands

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Hey, Y’all! I’m always out seeing gigs and new bands. And over the course of a year I tend to see an absolute shed-load of stuff. But for a long time something has been troubling me.

So far so what?

Just what is it about the indie uniform that means you can’t wear anything other than Converse All Stars or – if you’re really controversial – Converse One Stars?

Ok, I get that it’s a ‘uniform’ and that you can just pop into Urban Outfitters or American Apparel and ask for the Indie Boy or Indie Girl pack and that’s your look sorted. Oh and don’t get me started on those big glasses with clear lenses. I mean really. Really!?

But even a little innovation in the sneaker department would be appreciated. So you can imagine my surprise when I went to see a band called The Coast on Wednesday night – supported by the excellent Over the Wall and the not so excellent I Saw Lights – and some members of the band were sporting a pair of Reebok Freestyles, (I know, I know) but also a pair of adidas Roms. And no, they weren’t the doctored Life Aquatic ones. That would’ve been too much. But it was refreshing to see a band that wore something different on their feet. And that’s the story of the band with something interesting on their feet. I can’t be interesting all the time.

I’m Baaaa-aaaack.

Behold. adidas ZX8000 Goodfoot. They put the G in Green.

Behold. adidas ZX8000 Goodfoot. They put the G in Green.

No I’m not Barack. That’s that other guy.

It’s been almost a year. And I’ve not updated this blog once. Shocking. The numbers have been steadily falling and quite frankly, it’s time to start again. Anyhoo, I’m not going to make any promises this year. No “I’ll update this xxxx times every week” lines. Just a simple statement that things will change. Seems to be the word of the moment anyway.

Oh and how many great collabs were there last year?! A massive round of applause for adidas for their AtoZX releases. Some were just simply awesome and it’s been great fun tracking some of the rares ones down. Definitely my favourites (today) are the Goodfoots. Gorgeous and I wish I’d doubled up with a spare pair. More sneaker/travel/advertising/music/nonsense soon. Honest.

adidas Consortium Micropacer Hamper

adidas Consortium Micropacer Hamper pack

Ooooooo. Look at them. I must admit when I heard they were coming out I did get a little over excited. Micropacers are legendary anyway but you should see all the stuff you get with them. (Take a deep breath)You get loads of promo items like tape, stickers, keyrings and a balloon (I know) a stainless steel money clip, karabiner, lanyard, miniature micropacers in their own tin, a Raymond Choy designed Qee character with trefoil head and micropacer chest, a Batman style adidas torch that shines out the trefoil logo, a hefty belt buckle, a tennis racket bottle opener and a flash drive with leather casing and 1GB of memory. It’s insane and I had to buy a pair. Not sure if I’m keeping them yet though, so if you fancy a pair of limited edition (500 pairs worldwide) unworn BNIH (Brand New in Hamper) adidas Micropacers in a size nine then add a comment, and tender your offer in GBP please. Don’t know if I can part with them though.

adidas Consortium Micropacer Hamper pack

adidas Consortium Sneaker Pack

adidas ZX8000 Monaco Consortium Pack

Oh dear Lord they’re so beautiful. Identified by a small gold lace eyelet, custom box and insole, the Consortium Series launched in June (a wee bit late by all accounts) and I’ve already seen two pairs that I may have to kill for. First up are the Grand Slam Oddity edition which I really love – unusual for me as they’re predominately white and I can’t abide white sneaks – anyway, I’m still humming and hawing over whether I should purchase as I might have to buy the ZX8000 Monaco version instead. Or both.

Limited to 300 – 500 pairs in each design, they’ll only be sold at Tier One stores like DQM, Foot Patrol, Huf etc so they’ll be super difficult to get your hands on. I do accept Luncheon Vouchers by the way.

adidas Grand Slam Oddity Consortium

Limited Edition Tiffany, Croc, Materials of the World Pack.


I love sneakers. I really do. But I’m becoming a little bit fed up of the sheer number of “packs” that are launching day in, day out. (Is it just me or does Joy Division automatically start up in your head whenever you read that phrase?)

Radio, Live Trans-mi-i-shhun.

Anyway, yeah, it’s not only impossible to keep up with what’s launching, where it’s launching and if you’re ever going to be able to get your hands on a pair, but there’s no way of buying all the sneaks you want and being able to eat food, go to gigs, pay rent etc. Can we have a little less of the “let’s release everything we’ve ever put out but in 10 different colourways” attitude? Nike, adidas, back of the class.

Sneaker Freak


Call them what you want, sneakers, kicks, trainers – or my personal favourite, sneaks – but you can’t deny that they are things of endless variation and wondrous beauty. My personal favourites are the Nike Air Stabs which have been re-released in many new colourways, the adicolor range from 2006 – I’ve managed to get Y1 Hufs, Y2 Taro Okamotos, BL3 Toy2R, R2 Surface to Air and R3 Dark Horses and the adidas PT 76 sneak in blue.

The Stabs might just edge out all others for comfort and versatility and the perfect size is 9.5 US (8.5 UK). I’ve got three pairs but I’ve got my eye on a good few more.

Any donations are gratefully received.